the passing

For my last birthday Matt got me a shiny new camera-I jumped up and down like a contestant on the Price is RIght I was so excited! Alas, this also meant that I had to sell my old camera of which I had become quite attached to.

Once upon another lifetime (or so it feels) I had a vintage shop, and I took all the clothing shots with this camera. Truthfully, I hated these photo shoots and realized I am not too keen on showing my face, but the camera was a champ. Also, a friend and I took photos weekly for a year, we called it 52 weeks and it is possibly the best documented year of my life. Then there was the honeymoon, trips, and family gatherings all documented via that little camera of mine.

Last night we passed it off to a girl named Crystal who had on pink shoes and winged eyeliner. We had a quiet moment with the camera before she arrived, thinking of all we had been through. Then we passed it off, and as she was walking away she jumped up and down in true Price is Right fashion.


  1. That is sad :( I still have mine if you ever need to borrow it for memories sake.

  2. oh, crystal, with her pink shoes and winged eyeliner.

  3. This is a magnificent "passing on of the camera". You took some beautful pics with it.

  4. I'm glad it went into enthusiastic hands. :) I was sad to join the 52 weeks bandwagon only at the end, but it was still fun to go back and look through all those photos. So beautiful!

  5. you have such an amazing and interesting blog! definitely a new follower! :)

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