a matter of time

I won't often post the same thing we do over at TIAJ but this was just too good. First, I am completely smitten with these pictures that Matt took around our apartment, you should go check out the rest. We really do live in a house full of treasures.

But of course what comes along with all these old treasures? Well an old house, of course. We have had a few things break down lately, the most recent being the handle falling off of the bathroom door. Yesterday I went to take my morning shower and closed the door, sans door knob, which I foolishly thought would be no problem. I tried to open the door after my hot shower, which incidentally had made our tiny bathroom into a sauna of sorts. Needless to say it wouldn't open and I started to have a panic attack, complete with high whiny voice and flapping arms. Matt came to the rescue and tinkered with the door until it opened. Love that guy.

Then last night as Matt and I were sitting at our computers on our old refurbished chairs I hear a crack and instantly Matt is lying on his back. The chair had broken into quite a few pieces, with Matt laying on top of it all. We got a good laugh out of that.

We love old things and really couldn't live somewhere that didn't have some sort of history. That being the case, I will be more wary about getting locked in tiny bathrooms or sitting on rickety chairs.


  1. HAHA! I too would have been in a flap about being locked in the bathroom...going to check out tiger in a jar now..

  2. i am sooo glad that matt was home after your shower!! now matt & neil can bond over their chair mishaps. :)

  3. hahaha. whiny voice and flapping arms. such a good visual.

  4. our first apartment was soooo old and falling apart but i loved it. maybe not as old as our current one but this one is in much better shape for being built before 1900. i love old houses so much that it makes the glitches totally worthwhile.

  5. Didn't Matt have a falling episode with a cart in Costco or something as well? I like these pictures AND the story. Being locked in a bathroom is a great excuse for being late for work...