how to get from here to there

This weekend was full of plottings.

Matt and I plotted our future and how we are going to get where we want to be. Funny how when you really start talking about what it takes to have your ideal future, it seems a lot more difficult to obtain. Good thing we didn't let that get us down! (After a twenty minute freak out, of course.)

My sister and I plotted our Valentines family party. Bowling, sugar cookies and Valentines boxes (remember those?!) all made it on the list.

I plotted how I was going to get the gumption to start working out again. (I think it worked, this morning was a success!)

(The dolls are from a semi-successful thrift trip and the cookies from our favorite bakery.)


  1. gumption! good old-fashioned word.

  2. Ha. What is your new work out plot?! I need one of those!! Cool post lady, adorable pictures!!


  3. love the dolls! it's good to get plotting sessions out of the way and so you can move on with it.... but sometimes i find it's better when you don't get there as fast as you want to.

  4. haha, cute post. You put alot of ideas into the few words you used, well done. I can never do that, i ramble and ramble. Family Valentines??? Awesome-ness.

  5. Those sound like great goals....especially bowling on valentines.

  6. TC-so true! The journey is really a big part of the adventure. It is good to be reminded of that from time to time.