It is surprisingly refreshing to drive roads that look out on nothing. Of course the nothing is really quite something-what with the rolling hills, flat lands and dappled landscapes. The giant windmills are silent and stately in such a place.
Chimney rock is a welcome point of interest in this expanse of nothing.

The same cannot be said of our drive through Rocky Mountain National Park. The fog obscured the mountains above us-but we knew they were there all the same. So instead of seeing mountains we nibbled on mountains and reveled in our freshly stamped passports.


  1. Such a stark contrast between the photos!

  2. these landscapes make me really miss those drives to and from the springs, though long they may have been... steve and i once spent a glorious day exploring rocky mountain national park. we want to visit again - let's all go! chimney rock looks stunning, as do those chocolates.

  3. beautiful foggy mountain photos!