golden girls

This weekend I am heading out on a road trip with two of my old roommates. We three have gone on trips before, ones where we start calling curtains "nightshades" and end up seeing terribly disturbing foreign films. So of course, like me, they like to scout out pressed penny machines and map out routes to get the most stamps in their National Parks passport.

This will be a good weekend indeed.


  1. this reminds me. i so need to get a national parks passport. have a beautiful trip!

  2. Oh! You know I wish I could join you with every fiber of my being. I almost had a panic attack when we were driving to DC on Friday. I thought I'd forgotten my passport! But my sweet husband assured me he'd grabbed mine and snuck it safely into the car. I think I am eternally grateful.

    Have fun! I can't wait to hear all about it!

  3. Amanda-I thought of you as I stamped my passport! Bless Cree for remembering yours-we had a few scares of our own thinking we had left ours back at the hotel. What a tragedy that would be!