dry as dirt

I need some therapy, the kind that can only be found in the desert. I want to feel my over-saturated self dry out, crack, and reveal something new. The sun is honest, and honesty is what my soggy self needs.

(image found here)


  1. I need the exact opposite. Our seasons need to hurry up and swap.

  2. It's the call of the red rock. Take me with you.

  3. It is sunny in St. George! I have an extra room calling your name! Bring the hubby down for a weekend of sunshine and relaxing!!! :)

  4. Joshua Tree is calling you, dear.

    (And psst...try to see if you can get your hands on "With My Back to the World" - a short documentary on the late painter Agnes Martin. The perfect painterly, zen-like desert balm for what ails ye.)