what to eat when dissapointed

We had hoped to go on a trip this weekend, but alas, a combination of bad weather and bad planning kept us home. Our only solution was to drown our sorrows in good sushi, creamed spinach, and a hearty batch of sugar cookies. (To be noted, these were not consumed at the same time.)

Are you seeing that crazy-train vein popping out of my wrist? eep!


  1. stop being disappointed! you make delicious cookies!

  2. I see your crazy vein. When I first saw your pic of the lump of dough I was really excited and thought to myself....mmmmmm I hope that is cookie dough. I am a very bad eatarawcookiebeforeputtingtherestintheoven type gal. Your food sounds too good.

  3. Teeny-I am with you! I eat my allotment of cookies before they ever make it to the oven.