a valentine

I give this guys points for looking so good all dolled up, complete with heart crown.
What baffles me is how this get up fits him perfectly, like it was made especially for those broad shoulders and itty bitty man hips.

(My sister found this among some of my grandparents old pictures. I like that they consorted with fellows like this.)


  1. What a great Valentine treat. This is so funny and so great! I love finding out that my grandparents enjoyed being silly when they were our age too. I'm pretty certain you feel the same.

  2. Maybe he was great at taking in dresses? gorgeous picture.

  3. this is fantastic. way to go julie.

  4. ha! when i first saw this i was thinking that is one manly lady...
    amazing photo - i want a valentine crown (and a box of chocolates)!

  5. My question is: What if it's not a guy?!
    It still reads "Happy Valentine's Day" -- no matter how you slice it. GREAT -- and Happy Valentine's Day to you!