we read to know we are not alone

Oh boy, Matt and I got a good chuckle out of this. Mind you it is midnight and we are cranking out a project that could be termed by any sane person as an "unachievable goal". (This was written when it really was midnight, but our internet went out before I could get any further. If I remember right Matt pulled an all-nighter while I slept intermittently. I am weak.)

Reading this made us feel better. It is good to know we are not alone.

(found here)


  1. Reading this out loud to my studio-mate and we are both DYING laughing. As as I read it we both said check, check, check after each one. God help us!

  2. We were the same! I almost felt like I was reading one of those freaky horoscopes where everything is spot on!

  3. gah. srsly.

    i want to know what your new project is.

  4. This list is priceless. Wow. I was mentally checking them all off as I read down. Oh dear.