old is gold

We are lucky enough to live right across the street from the Natural History Museum. We were unlucky enough to find out that now it is closed so that they can build a fancy new one.

New is shockingly overrated.


  1. Gorgeous! I love the embroidery on those gloves. Natural history museums are the best.

  2. From the very first picture I knew that was the Natural History Museum!! That place NEVER changed in all our years of visiting. Though I am nostalgic for the old one, I am very excited for the new one! Surely there will be lots more dinosaurs!

  3. hey! ceej and i visited the museum just a few days before it closed...so sad to see the old building empty...i'm quite bitter about it. i LOVE this museum...especially the recent "Bugs Alive" exhibit they had. so so so many good memories at this place.