10 in 2010

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I have started kicking around all these new years resolutions in my mind-it seems like I come up with SO many (too many I am inclined to think). Mostly I have decided to just live a little more-travel more, inspire and be inspired more and make every little idea that comes to my mind happen. In fact some friends and I have decided to make a top 10 list-10 things that we have to do in this upcoming year. Fingers crossed that I can do them all and in the doing I am sort of banking on this changing my life....

(This image was one of those ideas that came to my mind and then I actually made it happen. Unfortunately I tend to call that kind of behavior a miracle, but I plan to change that.)


  1. such a good gif!

    i need to make a list...

  2. I copied your title (it just seemed perfect!) and I posted my list! Your turn!

  3. But what...pray tell...is your list?

  4. Don't fret it is coming....tonight!!

  5. p.s. I also snagged your post title to use for my own. Thanks for having all the good ideas!