My dear friend Carrie pointed me in the right direction for this handy little gadget, the poladroid. Although I was skeptical at first (what, I don't get to shake the picture?), I gave in and am quite pleased with it. Go check it out. Speaking of being pointed in the right direction, doesn't this beard just smack of the north star? He has a crazy little cowlick that makes this spiral goodness with his beard, just lovely. This happens to be the boyfriend, who does nice things like this for my birthday, and these days is often found chopping ice off of my back porch. 
Thanks Matty pants.


  1. i love love love love the poladroid!!

    i'm absolutely NOT posting this comment at work.

  2. Ya thanks Matty pants... thats my porch too and having it ice free is great!

  3. Speaking of beards...

    We just noticed the other day that Ry has several grey hairs in his. Whether this means he is working too hard or he is just pleasantly dignified I do not know.

    p.s. I knew you'd come around with the whole poladroid thing.