Dearly Departed....how dear you are.


Anyone who knows me is well aware of my love for concerts and I was able to indulge myself last night at the Devotchka show. What a delight, it felt more like a traveling carnival and I was wishing we were all under a striped tent with popcorn in hand. There is nothing like actually feeling the music-I am talking serious vibrations going through your body. (I realize this can't be good for the ears.....) I think I walked the streets of Spain, watched a bear dance, ran away with a band of gypsies, and danced with a drunken mass of people (that one may actually be true), all while standing on the dingy steps of a run down concert hall. Thank you music.


  1. I whole-heartedly agree! I my violin, and you your trumpet. Your musical talent would be a little less expensive than mine though, considering that you don't even need an actual instrument to pull of the trumpeteering.

  2. What I wouldn't give to actually run away with a band of gypsies! I'm convinced it's something everyone should experience if even for a short time.

    As a side note: When A is being naughty we tell her to shape up or we'll throw her in a sack and sell her to the gypsies.