to the mountains

We had intended to get up to the mountains sooner to see the fall colors, but our busy schedule kept us away until most of the reds had faded. Although the aspens were all afire-and they have my heart anyways, so the drive did me good. We wandered around an area teaming with giant boulders covered with moss, and Matt found a little clump of trees to try out his "tree-cercise". (My palms were sweaty with his tree wedging/balancing antics but of course he was fine, and my fear of becoming an overanxious mother was confirmed.)


  1. I'm still so jealous of your hair. In a good way.

  2. I'll totally be an overanxious mother too. I drive myself crazy when I act like that :)

    I'm also jealous of your hair. Its looking so pretty! I love the color!

  3. haha, i love this post. you guys crack me up.

  4. ALWAYS a good idea
    reminds me of fleet foxes

  5. i feel like that lots of the time too!: oh shoot, I am going to be: "watch out, be careful,pleeeeseeee don't hurt yourself" instead of: "awesome, thats cool, wow you're really high up that rock face!"

    anyway, I love the last photo!

  6. you guys are my favorite. faaaaavorite.