camp out

We are doing a backyard camp-out tonight in the very same spot where this adorable group of kiddos are sitting. I am looking forward to swooping bats and campfire stories.

The little gal in the cowboy hat is my mom. Please note the most amazing horse sweater worn by my uncle. I would love one just like it in my size.


  1. amazing!!! ahh! hope you had fun :)

  2. wow, this sounds like fun! What a wonderful picture, how wonderful to have this and then camp in the same spot. Hope you have a great time!

  3. this photo is amazing, and i love that you're going to camp in that same spot. have fun!

  4. Ahhh we do that as well with my parents and siblings, camping at our backyard and using the torch and small bonfire. It'll be splendid :)

    I agree, that sweater is amazing! and your mom is aodrable haha