my sole

The other day we were sorting through boxes and stumbled upon some old letters and this leather shoe postcard. Oh my stars! A little part of me died from sheer happiness when I saw it. I wonder if such a postcard as this would make it through the mail nowadays, cause I have a real hankering to send out a few leather goodies.


  1. no way...this is such a treasure! you were the perfect person to find it. if you ever send our leather shoe postcards, I'd love one. wink wink.

  2. I love this find! ...and I love the new blog look!

  3. this is so cool!!

    and thank you SO much for the handwriting compliment :)

    also, 'tiger in a jar' looks sweeeeet! what a fun venture with your hubs.

  4. how brilliant is that?! you should definitely give it a try :)