a shift

Meet my new coworkers.

The skull, the mint, and my bottle soldier. Together, with the tilting sun, we will walk through, beside, around, and underneath. In the places where my thoughts have not been given much thought, and where my scribbles can become tasty cakes and painted feathers.

In other words, or shall I say, less words, I quit my job.

by the by-I suggest giving this a listen-life changing stuff I tell you. (thanks Nate)


  1. Good shift? Freeing shift? Uncharted but probably wonderfully life-changing shift? I hope all of the above.

    And WHERE did you find that old bighorn skull? What a haunting, gorgeous shot. One of the most awesome (in the old-fashioned sense of the word) things I've ever seen was the skeletons of two big bull-elk, antlers still locked in combat. It was way up in the backcountry outside Ennis, MT. It happens very rarely- two bulls will fight and neither will back down until their racks get so locked up they can't separate, and the two enemies starve together, bound together as they pass the threshold into death. It's a pretty haunting image still to this day.

  2. um, your not going to believe this, but I just quit my job too! It actually ends next week. I'm nervous about not having the stability, but so excited to pursue my personal projects. We should discuss this more, maybe in a national park. :)

  3. i'm going to cry myself to sleep on May 10.

  4. Those objects are replacing me? I don't like this post one bit :( I'm with Becca there will be two of us crying ourselves to sleep come May 10. Good thing we've got running club and Bikram in the plans.

  5. Lily-I can't imagine, locked together in death, those two bulls didn't find some sort of understanding before they passed. Death tends to open eyes before it forever closes them. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful image!

    Amanda-I am over here jumping for joy! You are so talented-I will have my eye on you and your future projects. As for a national park meeting-count me in!

    Becca & Tiff-No tears my friends!

  6. quitting is so liberating! good one lady.

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog, if you hadn't I wouldn't be able to discover yours!
    Love the light in your pictures.