a visit

For Matt's dad's birthday all he wanted was to watch old home videos, so we all sat down with our cake and got transported back in time. What a surprise it was to see Robert Walker standing in the front yard of the house we currently live in-and holding a baby to boot! He is Matt's granddad's cousin and came out to see them at one time. Doesn't he look just so darn swanky? I loved Robert Walker in Hitchcocks, "Strangers on a Train"-if you haven't seen it I suggest you change that right away!


  1. priceless! do you know who the baby is? oooo, he is fantastic in strangers on a train.

  2. The baby is a cousin of Matt's dad, her name is Susan and she is one lucky girl!

  3. what a cute birthday idea....and yes...VERY swanky. :)