take my aim

Another resolution. Bake more diabetic friendly desserts.
(I had decided not to share these, but one by one the little devils keep slipping out.)

So the sweet fellow I wed has diabetes and has had it pretty much all of his life. He was diagnosed when he was three and he will tell these sad stories about birthday parties at school. All the kids would get a piece of cake passed out to them, and he always got half of an apple. (reminds me of this poor fellow) An apple does not hold a candle to cake, when you are a kid.

Sadly I have been feeding this guy cakes since the day I met him. He never put up a fuss about eating different, so I never put up a fuss that he should eat different. Aye me. Now I am deeply invested in keeping him alive and healthy for a very long time. Cue beet cake.

We tried this beet cake recipe last weekend and we are in love. I realize the sugar content is still rather high-but it was a start for us. We also picked up some agave nectar which is a great substitute for sugar. If anyone has tips, recipes, kid-eating-apple-instead-of-cake therapy, do send it my way.


  1. that looks simply delicious! yum!

  2. The internet world is speaking to me at the moment I think...today the Doctor told me that my ms3 may have diabetes. Can you use that fake sugar?

  3. Jules that is a crazy cute cake. I want to make some of them. You have become quite the creative cooker! You know I love that fact.

  4. but, my, that is a cute cake w/heart & arrow.

  5. i want to learn along with you! how great it would be to discover thee most scrumptious low-sugar decadence for matt... thanks for the recipe - sounds delicious! gonna try it out in my new bundt pan.

  6. teenysparkles-So sorry to hear that!

    We will all learn to cut back on the sugar while upping the delicious!