do you see what I sea

A little while back Matt and I went to the aquarium. As we were walking around I just couldn't get over the amazing textures, color combos, and all over beauty of the underwater plants and coral. I kept thinking "so this is where all the clothing designers get their inspiration, from the sea." A week later I spot this oh-so-stunning skirt and I thought "where have I seen that before?" Oh that's right, the aquarium.

Gigs up big fashionista peeps-the sea keeps no secrets.

(skirt image found here)


  1. so cute and ellegant :)
    have a good day :)

  2. there is a traveling exhibit right now at the natural history museum that i really want to go see. it's a community-crocheted coral reef! the ocean really is quite inspiring.

  3. that sea-life photo is stunningly beautiful.