count your blessings instead of sheep

White christmas. check.

Holiday treats from our favorite bakery. check.

The BEST hot chocolate I have ever had the pleasure of sipping. check.

All of these festivities were enjoyed with friends-which of course makes everything better.

p.s. There is a possibility that I will be able to start violin lessons in January. I am beyond excited!


  1. these christmas niceties warm my heart! i love that sweet little song from white christmas.

    and what - violin lessons?!? i'm beyond excited for you too! i have to call you and get the scoop. maybe we can play summertime duets again on g&g's front porch...

  2. violin!!!

    those rocket cookies kill me. i want them.

  3. love the christmas spirit in this post!

  4. i think i need some of that hot chocolate asap.