I have never had a food assignment for Thanksgiving before, but this year I became a "responsible adult" and was asked to bring the pies. It is no secret my affinity for pie making runs quite deep-but let it be known-there is a difference between leisurely whipping up a pie vs. making pies for a dinner that orbits around the very existence of these tasty treats.

Needless to say these pies were a labor of love and a test of my temper (of which some may say I failed) but in the end they turned out as flaky and scrumptious as one could hope. Also worth noting, my family had a splits contests in the which many Thanksgiving-dinner-stuffed adults tested how low they could go. Low I tell you, surprisingly low.

Along with Thanksgiving one Father Walker celebrated his birthday and we all gathered to watch old home videos and marvel at his Bieber hair-do long before Bieber was a twinkle in his mama's eye. So good.

Oh, and don't forget the honeyboys. We get all sorts of giddy when we go to bakeries and order their signature sweet. We decided as we munched on our men (me head first and Matt feet first) that when we are old we will take our grandchildren to this very bakery and get them honeyboys. They will love us for it-because I love my grandparents for doing just that.


  1. Thanks for stopping my my blog and commenting Julie! Thanksgiving is an 'alien' tradition to us in South Africa but one I am so envious of - we should definitely adopt it here! I am especially envious when I read posts such as this one.... x

  2. i so wish i could have made it down to dine on your pie - i'm sure it was amazing! and who won the splits contest - i must know. happy belated b-day to matt's dad - love the 3-d gift wrap!

  3. Haha! i love the idea of a splits contest. I am too frightened to try baking pies...but one day maybe.

  4. Thanks so much for your nice comments! I'm so glad I found your blog!