little movies and big events

For graduating in film, it was pretty surprising that Matt didn't insist we have a wedding video when we got married. It turns out neither of us were too keen on having the typical video with the oh so awful slideshow. (I was dreading digging up my awkward photos from middle school.) Having a shadow filming us all day didn't seem like the most special way to remember our day.

In walks Matt's genius idea of having a video that portrays the special things that happen when you meet, date and finally tie the knot-sans the videographer. If you are interested in getting one of these videos for yourself contact me and we will work out all the details. Keep in mind these videos do not have to be for your wedding-we have an anniversary video in the works and we think birthdays deserve one too!

(thanks Maren and Dirk for letting us make a video for you-check out their amazing wedding here)


  1. awesome! i will say, i was also not enthusiastic about a videographer for our wedding day, but since our photographer failed us too i wish we had SOMETHING. my brother took some funny short videos and that's pretty much it.

  2. Matt has done it again. I love this video and birthdays totally deserve one wink! So sly :)

  3. That was amazing! On a completely different note, there is a giant book about David Bowie on display at my work right now, and he looks incredibly delightful on the cover. Every time I walk past of it I think of you!

  4. This video is just too much! I canNOT get over the fact that every little detail is SO Maren and Dirk!! And it totally captures the hauntingly beautiful feel of their winter reception.

    Since watching this I've been gathering photos and writing notes to pass off to Matt for an anniversary video... I'd LOVE to update and romanticize my little-prep, low-budget wedding!

  5. How very, very nice. The opening scene is absolutely tops.