stuff we did

For valentines day while Matt and I were still dating he gave me this book called "Grunt & Sparks". Incidentally these were nicknames we had given ourselves at the time, which we now realize do not conjure up the best of images-we really have no good explanation for them either. Silly us. Anyways he had water-colored notable or particularly fun events that had happened to us since we had been dating. Cute, right?

Well to make a cute thing even cuter he just finished this little video that again documents all of our dating memories. I love this little world he created and even more so I love that my character looks so good sporting an orange jumpsuit. Thanks Matt for thinking I could pull off that number.


  1. so cute, it makes my heart hurt.

    PS. I Love that I found a fellow national park passporter!!!! You are the first one I've "met" that loves it too! I feel like we have this kinship now. :)

    Here are some of our stamps from Philadelphia....

    I've never gotten so many at one time!

  2. Oh Matty pants is too dang cute! Remember how Jordan said I couldn't call Matt that?

  3. Matt's skills never cease to befuddle me! This is so sweet - especially the attention to every little detail. Now I know what that jar of toys has been up to... :)

  4. oh wow. matt. seriously. so great.

  5. cute cute cute cute. fireworks. whispers.

  6. I am confident you could pull off that orange jumpsuit.

    This is a wonderful production.

  7. wow- that is amazing. I love it!