these days

Matt is gone for the week to San Francisco with his family. He sent me these pics to show me all the amazing things he is doing there, like I needed proof of that. Well, I am trying not to be jealous that he went to the musee mecanique and then had lunch with Nat King Cole.

Luckily I have been staying at my Granddads these past few days, which makes things much better. There is nothing like bedding down in a room filled with memories and falling asleep
to the sound of sprinklers and crickets.


  1. Oh I've been to the Musee Mecanique. It was pretty cool. I feel the need to dig up those pictures now.

  2. ugh. that makes ME jealous too.

    thanks goodness for granddad.

  3. I like the top picture. Nice colors to it.

  4. Have a lovely trip here! The weather just got nice so you should be cool!