subtle straps

Matt and I are in the market for new camera straps-and quick. Whilst on vacation in Portland we were dubbed the "Canon couple" and we are on a crusade to shake that name. We realize that with new straps our cameras will still remain Canons (phew), we just won't be sporting the name via straps.

I am really liking these simple straps-those leather details are pretty darn fantastic. Now if only I could decipher Japanese so I could order these lovelies.......


  1. As i glanced over Maren's shoulder whilst she read this, I assumed you bought these handsome devil's and that was a photo of Matt. Which I guess means you MUST have them. Oh, I think deciphering Japanese would open a door on some Internet shopping we may never recover from.

  2. I adore those camera straps...I love how well it goes with that striped shirt!

  3. F A N T A S T I C A I D E A !!!
    greetings from Spain