This is the cotton mill where my third-great grandfather worked. This is the fly that has probably been around since my third-great grandfather. These pics are from a most amazing trip I took with my family-but I haven't the heart to post anymore until I figure out how to make my pictures bigger. Looks like me and google will be spending some quality time together.....


  1. These are such neat pictures. Especially the one with the fly looking a bit like a peeping-tom... :)

  2. julie~
    so pleased to happen upon yourt blog n see what you've been up to. you are beautiful and i love, love, love goodwiu. will def buy sometime! wish you coulda seen the number i wore to church yesterday. was my mom's 30 years ago n bet you would appreciate it! keep in touch! www.thewinwardfamily.blogspot.com
    ~jennie winward (and Bart)

  3. Jennie, it is so good to hear from you! Looks like you have a bunch of adorable boys on your hands! I wish I could have seen the dress too-nothing I love more than a great vintage goody. Hope you guys are doing well!