some enchanted evening

One fine friend was married this day. She looked amazing-srsly the jaw dropping amazing where you can't help but stare and you get a little nervous to talk to her, even though you know it is the same gal you have known since forever. The same girl that you use to crank up Michael Bolton with and rock out to "I Said I Loved You But I Lied" and dream about our 4th grade crushes. Yep, that's her.

She had a photo booth at her wedding and Matt and I sort of had a heyday. I was in charge of bringing the props-so here we are sporting Matt's grandpa's hats. I think Elliot would have approved of this.


  1. Sad I missed it! These pictures are super cute!! I miss you! Lets get together soon! Call me.

  2. Such fun photos of you two! You both look fetching in a stache. Yay for Emily - I wanna see pictures!

  3. yes - she looked AMAZING! Nice job on the props, I believe Dirk I sported the mustache and some psychedelic sunglasses...