shiny happy

Sometimes you just need to be cheered up-for no reason at all really. This is what is doing it for me lately:
  • that I can say next month spring starts
  • also next month the Country Club will start-more details on that later....
  • the movie Shadowlands "we read to know we are not alone"
  • the prospect of making a valentines day box
  • puppies that will fall asleep on my lap the first time I meet them
  • ridiculously colorful food-like the cake shown above

(image found here)


  1. hey! shadowlands is on my must-see list. i need to get on that.

  2. I must say that cake is amazing!!! I would like to attempt the creation of such a dessert immediately!

  3. That cake is pure awesomeness! Aaaaaand, Ava's birthday is coming up! Aaaaaaaad, we live in Hawaii! A rainbow cake will never be more appropriate!