"if you mix afrobeat with Vivaldi you get Phil Collins"

Best quote I have heard all week. Said by this dapper man on a blog I love to peruse. There is something about street style blogs that let me get my people watching fix without feeling like a creepy creepster.


  1. haha! fantastic quote. i obsess over hel looks on a daily basis.
    thanks for your comment by the way - i've been so frustrated with my blog since it got off the ground, and had intentions of posting something like that one sooner but kept saving the draft each time because i was too scared to open up. now finding the guts to keep going will be the real test. glad to know i'm not alone out here :)

  2. Yes, it's true, I've always had a thing for Phil Collins' music. Can't tell if this guy's dissin' old Phil or actually complementing him... :) Love the green socks.