I must be harnessing my inner Hermione, but I am really hankering to head to school this fall. It is almost painful how much I want to sit in a class taking notes, or hide away in the library memorizing a stack of flash cards. Perhaps this dates back to the days when I would sleep with every book I owned, or when my sister would have to beg me to play with her instead of read. Some would call me a nerd, I would call me a nerd, but if I could still sleep with all of my books I am pretty sure I would. 


  1. I know what you mean. Secretly, when I see all the college students heading back to school, I wish they would take me with them. (But they MUST bring me back before finals week.) Maybe we should pull out the pink bean-bag chair and get you back to reading... :)

  2. Today I started looking up registration information and language criteria... I am needy for it as well. I have a feeling that one day we may all find ourselves in a college classroom once again -- even if it's just for a course in hat making. 'I do! I doooo!'

  3. Oh man, I want to go back to school too!