honey. moon.

We went to Gearhart, Oregon for our honeymoon. We didn't realize that honeymoon translated means "get your sanity back". Oh, we got it back, and then some. What pleased us most about where we went was that every town had a candy store, and every candy store was rife with black licorice. Also pleasing was the Sasquatch paraphernalia everywhere, we even ate at Big Foot Pub and Grill. Yes. Mostly we just kept saying, "our life is amazing". We are still saying it.


  1. love the new header. i want to see more portland pics. i love that you love your life.

  2. I also love your new header. What would it take to talk you into doing one for me? I hate, hate, hate mine!

    You know, I love your life too. Here's to happiness (skumps!).

  3. Black licorice & Big Foot!?! It doesn't get any better than that... :)

    P.S. Love the blog's new look!