home: where my thoughts are creeping

Matt and I are still waiting for carpet so that we can begin to make this little apartment of ours more cozy-hopefully only one more week! Living out of boxes tends to make one lose many things and we have got our eyes open for a few lost gems. On a completely unrelated note we have treated ourselves by buying the first two seasons of the Muppets and we couldn't be more pleased.


  1. Can't wait to see your place, once you get it how you like it. Ah, the memories of our first apartment... :) I wanna hear more of Matt's Muppet impressions - Pepe was killing me...

  2. my thoughts want to creep to your home as well -- i think we need to schedule a few dance parties at YOUR place. i'm sure Nan would love it...

  3. Muppet movies!? You deserve it!