good things utah

This past Friday was a day of days in my book. It started with my bridal pictures, bright and early mind you. Matt and I thankfully were not asked to give soft smiles or kiss and just pretend the photographer is not there taking pictures of you. You can check some of them out here. (Thanks Casey for doing an AMAZING job!) Matt and I continued to run our many wedding errands after the shoot, and then decided we should end our day with our dear friend Dawson at the Arts Festival. This is where it gets good, and I will begin to illustrate with pictures.
I started noticing the nice cloudage going on:

and then I realized perhaps it did not look so nice:

Downright nasty actually:

And this is the point where everyone starts running.
(Note the boy in the monkey harness.)

About two seconds after this picture was taken it DUMPED on us. We took refuge in the library and enjoyed watching the late comers come in soaked. After the storm let up a bit we ran for the car, drove through every major puddle we could find, and then decided a burger would be the perfect end to this eventful day, and that is when we saw this:

I physically could not stop taking pictures, and this rainbow just kept getting better. (By the by, turns out the Salt Palace is where the pot of gold is. right?)

And we ended on these beauties just as we walked in to get ourselves a burger and dill pickle chips. mmmmm.....


  1. Oh my gosh, Julie! Those wedding photos are fabulous. Your dress is insanely good! And Matt looks so dapper. You both look so gorgeous and happy. Gah! I'm gushing a little, aren't I? I can't wait to see you on the actual day.

  2. These pictures don't even look real Julie! That second picture makes me feel like a war of the worlds is about to begin... And that rainbow - UH-MAZING!! I'm with Carrie - I'm smitten with your wedding photos, and can't wait to see more!

  3. so glad to have run into you and your cell phone at the uaf.

    i love thunderstorms.

  4. Ok, missy. So, far, LOVE the bridals with Matt. Your dress is so pretty and you look amazing. Your dress is so you...and it matches that pretty ring of yours.

  5. I just love them! Kudos to this Casey on some fine photography and I love your dress!