the awaited day

We had lay-offs at work today which we had known were coming for about a month now. We had all thought up a few really good ways for this whole thing to go down including:
  • A grim reaper that rests its bony fingers on your shoulder.
  • Take us all in a room and start passing out roses.
  • Survivor the place up, starting with the tiki torches.
But in the end it was the phone call and the ushering into a small room that did it. There were some really good people that left us, and I have to say girl time will never be the same again. When I found out I was safe, I grabbed the closest thing to me, which happened to be a discarded poster, and cut out how I feel. 
I am ok.


  1. Now I'm picturing you standing grimly in a row of potential lay-off candidates...you shed a few single tears as others are sent back to their desks to continue with their employment...will you be among them?..finally your name is called - you're safe...you walk back slowly trying to keep your cool...at the last minute you find yourself overcome with your emotions - a mix of relief and gratitude but also pain for those that will not be joining you...you turn back suddenly and rip a motivational poster from the wall with a flourish (and perhaps a cry of joy)...your boss looks on - horror stricken...did they make the right choice?

    But seriously...that's some scary shizz.

  2. Oh Julie, I am sooo glad you are safe! It had to have been awful, seeing others go. Your ideas were hilarious - I've always admired the way you can ease tense situations with your humor. :)

  3. I will also miss girl time and german accents :( what a crazy day it was...

  4. I imagine the range of emotions of going through a mass lay-off is much like being the runner-up in the Miss America Pageant. You act very happy for the person who won, but are secretly cursing them and reviewing in your mind what you could have done better to prevent being the runner-up. Luckily you were the winner!

    I do hate hearing about lay-offs. It scares me!