go so low that it is socially unacceptable

The title of this post is a pearl of wisdom my hip hop teacher taught me last night. Try it. I also learned a smidge of crumping, pretty cool stuff. 
This image has nothing to do with hip hop, but everything to do with my intense desire for summer and the endless possibilities of road trips. Pillow talk motel here I come.

links: lovely top - Ruby Pearl , stamp art - Valero Doval, picture - comandeered from for me, for youDavid Bowie -  straight from heaven


  1. If you feel awkward you are doing it right. Oh Dean you are a dream...

  2. When someone can get that low, you just gotta look up to them. Next time I see you, Julie, I want to see some crumping!

  3. I am going to take this pearl of wisdom and RUN with it...