Riddles in the Dark

So Matt is planning something fun for us to do tonight. He had a surprise up his sleeve, but seeing as I am not very good with surprises I finagled him into giving me some clues. Can you guess what we are doing?

-The plan involves One of Twenty-Six of these. And things being what they aren't.
-The place - familiar, the view - new and afar.
-When observing this type of "event" a certain someone is always found. But Friday's experience, this someone won't be around.
-You will be taken back in time to a place where things were a little simpler but consequences of certain actions remain the same. Listen to our options for they might have changed.....
-I am around for 384 hours, only available for 32 of those hours but you only get me for 1/16th of those 32.
-My creator has one of the most famous silhouettes of all-time.
-suspense is my creators middle name.


  1. boo. i don't understand a word.

  2. Did Matt write this riddle, or did you? It's amazing, especially now that I know some of what it's referring to!