Spring Haunts

Winchester Family Tomb, Mount Auburn Cemetery

Spring is nearly here, which always reminds me of drives through a certain cemetery, listening to opera and looking for new life amongst the dead. Boon, do you still have pictures of this? Oh the fun we had with our doll heads and fancy drinks. Those were sweet sun-dappled days. Dappled because they are memory or because they were seen through spring laden branches I am not quite sure....
By the by this photo comes from a most amazing flickr set of George Eastman's house. Check it out, I think you will find many a face or place to haunt you.


  1. Holy smokes! I totally forgot about those pictures... and now I am determined to find them! Perhaps if they don't show up, we'll just have to recreate the scene - and I am SO down with that! And as for spring -- i think it's almost time for that garden of ours...

  2. This post made me so excited for spring! I didn't know anything about George Eastman - it was interesting to read up on him and to see the neat pics you suggested. You and Maren should have a reunion of sorts this spring, maybe minus the doll heads... :)